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Collana Leggere / Inglese / C1
William Shakespeare





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The purpose of this book is to introduce and explain the text of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The text itself is complete and has simple, clear notes. To get the greates pleasure from it, the reader will need to learn something more about the background of the play and the age in which it was written, about Shakespeare himself and drama as an art. But most important of all it is crucial to understand what the characters are sayind and doing, and why they say and do these things. This volume offers the opportunity to enjoy an original text while learning at the same time. All the activities aim to offer students a practical critical approach by capturing the distinctive qualities of the play and bearing in mind that students are not only interested in what happens but above all in the significance of what happens. Every element in the play is important, but the really special thing about Shakespeare is his language. Every speech carries a remendous weight of meaning. This is one of the reasons for the introduction of drama activities which allow students, who play the roles of the characters, to appreciate the language and the complexity of Shakespeare's unforgettable characters. A final section deals with the Nature of Evil.


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Introduction - Bibliography - The characters in the play - Before you read - Act I-V - Working with the whole play - Conclusion: The Nature of Evil.

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